Thursday, 15 September 2011

Hypnosis for Running – Introducing the ‘Power Trigger’

“It has been claimed we use only 10% of our brain cells. What if this is also true for our muscle cells?”
The following is an experience I’m sure many runners can associate with… you are participating in a race and you’ve been running strong and well, but those last few miles have started to drain your resources. You know the end is only a short distance away but you can feel your energy levels draining rapidly (despite the recent energy gel or jelly baby!). Some people are able to save a vital burst of energy for that final sprint to the finish line however for many of us it really does take some mental will-power to push that extra little bit more and ignore the physical feedback from your body telling you it’s time to stop!
This need for a ‘burst of energy’ is relevant in many sports - In some sports, success requires a large and carefully controlled burst of energy, for example golf requires high precision as well as strength whereas shot put requires a carefully controlled burst of energy and less directional precision. Running involves a similar burst of energy directed inwards to the muscles we need to help run faster. So what does all this have to do with hypnosis?
Hypnosis can aid our performance by bringing all the appropriate muscles into play and in channelling this energy burst. There are some extremely useful breathing techniques which can be used in hypnosis to help athletes get the most out of their performance however one particularly effective method which can be used specifically for running is known as the “power trigger”. A power trigger is something which can be used in sports that require sudden and controlled bursts of energy or power – such as that last few hundred metres of a race to cut those vital few seconds off your PB. The power trigger can be set up in a normal waking state however it is much more effective when combined with hypnosis. Anyone can set their own power trigger and I will now share the process which you can use to create your own right now…
Find a comfortable chair to sit in or lie down, where you will not be disturbed. Close your eyes and in your mind create an image of something which you associate with speed, energy and/or power. This could be a fast running animal, an athlete from the television or anything you with to create in your imagination which you associate with massive energy and power. There are no right or wrong images here – just choose something which is right for you. When you have an image in mind, make sure you can visualise it as vividly as possible – make it as big, bright and bold as you can. Really see it in your mind. Next imagine you are running in a race with only a short distance to go. As you run, imagine yourself then becoming the power image that you’ve created – feel the extra strength and energy from that image filling your body and visualise yourself surging forward with a massive injection of power and speed. The more vividly you can imagine this, the better! You can then anchor this image by giving it a name (or word) and also associate it with a physical trigger (for example create a fist, click your fingers or anything else you can do that will not disturb your running and be a natural movement).
The more you practice initiating your power trigger, the more effective it will be when you really need it. It can take some time to become fully established however the better your imagination and the more it is practised, the better the result you will get!
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