Saturday, 20 April 2013

Hypnotherapy in the news: Rosario Dawson converted to hypnotherapy after starring in 'Trance'

The Independent News paper recently published an article all about the experiences of actress Rosario Dawson as she prepared for her role as a hypnotherapist in Danny Boyle's latest film, "Trance".

Personally I think Rosario was very sensible to go to see a hypnotherapist herself before she began the filming so she was able to develop her role in the film based on her own experiences. Despite the fact that hypnosis is becoming a far more familiar and accepted form of therapy, there are still many misconceptions about exactly what hypnosis does (and indeed does not) do.

It was fascinating to read in the article that Danny Boyle said he had not tried hypnotherapy himself as he thinks (and I quote), "Directors are control freaks and I don't think they ever relax enough to be a useful subject for a hypnotist". I've actually had many new clients come to see me saying the same thing... many people who class themselves as 'control freaks' think they may not be good at being hypnotised as they do not like to be out of control and cannot relax. I then happily explain to them that in fact the contrary is true... people who like to be in control are actually very good at hypnosis as they are usually very self-aware people and therefore have a fantastic ability to tap into the power of their own mind. Good 'hypnotisability' generally involves having a good imagination, being able to focus on something very specifically and also being aware of your own thoughts and emotions. If Danny Boyle knew that, perhaps he would have given it a go!

You can view the full article by following this link:

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