Saturday, 4 August 2012

Olympic Talk

As we are now well into the Olympic games, the press is full of stories and articles about both current and past athletes. Recently, Michael Johnson (200m & 400m Olympic athlete) spoke out about his experiences in the Olympic limelight. He quoted: 'For eight years I was a five-time gold medallist. Then it was four-time. It's not the same'

In this report, Michael Johnson's explores his desire for perfectionism which made him the fastest man on earth, but not necessarily the nicest. Now he says he has learned to relax - sort of! Read the full article on the Telegraph Website: Michael Johnson Interview

In relation to this, many sports men and woman are beginning to use motivational hypnotherapy to better enhance their sporting performance. 

Former British super-middle weight boxing champion; Glenn Catley stumbled across motivational hypnotherapy following his spout of working alongside Steve Collins the Boxer, who Catley noticed was 'different and more focused' during training sessions. Catley later discovered his sport mate had been engaging in pre-training hypnotherapy sessions and this intrigued Catley somewhat.

Catley has made no secret that he too then went onto to actively engage in motivational hypnotherapy throughout his boxing career, which resulted in his great success.

Catley was so taken by the power of motivational hypnotherapy that he later went onto to undertake a two-year training programme in psychology and intends to see out his working life as a hypnotherapist. Catley is reported as being keen to help sports people improve their performance using the technique.

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